Friday, 6 March 2009

Section 3, 1

Go back a bit. Back a bit more. That’s it. Back to before I died. That’s right just there. That’s exactly right. Stand there. Close your eyes. Close them now. Think about Zig-zag. Think about the cat. Picture him. Think about him living in the portico with Charlie. Finding Zig-zag will help us find the answer. If you can conjure him in your mind he’s alive somewhere.

Think about Charlie too. He has a hat now. A hat, and a beard, and glasses, plus he smokes a pipe. No one would be able to doodle on a photograph of him.

If it wasn’t for the 11 plus Charlie and I might have been together. I can’t understand how he ever passed that exam, though.
For the following statement, find the best reason among the four given.
A clock is useful in the house because:

1:We should be late for school without it
2: It often needs winding
3: It tells the correct time
4: It gives a cheerful tick

Charlie would have liked the sound of the cheerful ticking, and that’s why I loved him, because he was always so thrillingly and pointlessly wrong about everything, and maybe if everything hadn’t happened the way it did and we had got together sooner, that little chip of diamond he left in my heart would have melted away.

Find Zig-Zag please.


(In Charlie’s blog you can see in the words he uses, a glimpse of the poet he once was, bubbling up to the surface)

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